Tuesday, October 2, 2007

How the Rich Jerk Got Rich - Duplicate his System

The Rich Jerk

Most of you who will read this blog will have probably heard about the rich jerk and how rich he is. Some might even know that his real identity is Kelly Felix, the brains behind GuessWhatiHeard.com and a number of other very popular and profitable webpages.

How did he make his money

Sure, he made his money by writing a best selling book called the Rich Jerk in which he advises about simple tactics and good old common sense with a great deal of flair.

But What did he do Really and How can You become as rich as him?

And I not talking about selling another best selling book. Most people will not gobble the same thing twice, but I am talking about the techniques he used. I am talking about dissecting the information in his book so that you can use the system to become rich yourself.

Love him or hate him, the Rich Jerk is a highly successful person. He is someone who has used certain tactics to become successful and no doubt he continues to use them. So unless you are confident that you already know everything, then perhaps you should find out. Becoming successful is not a gift, you have to acquire knowledge and skills and only then will you be successful and there is no buts about it.

Want to Find out More - Duplicate the Rich Jerk

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