Friday, October 19, 2007

Make money in 15 minutes?

Heard this Before?

Sure you have!

How about this - No Traffic - No Sales?

Sure you have heard this, too.

But what has this got to do with earning in 15 minutes? Let me explain.

It All Boils Down to Traffic

You see it doesn't matter what you trying to sell, because it all boils down to traffic. If you can get a lot of traffic to your site you are bound to get sales. If you can quality, targeted traffic to your site, you will get more sales.

Two Ways to Get Traffic - FREE and Paid - Advantages and Disadvantages

FREE traffic is great because it is free but unfortunately it requires a lot of energy and time and in the cases of SEO, Link Building, Article Writing and Posting etc the results are extremely slow and low exposure.

Paid methods like pay per click is a great way to advertise because you only pay for traffic you get, only get traffic for the keywords and phrases bid for and regardless of whether your organization is large or small you get a huge exposure. However, the cost per click has increased considerably over time and even in a system designed to be fair and democratic it seems that the richer organizations are still at an advantage.

Your 15 Minute Money Making Blue Print

The majority of people who enter the internet in the hopes of making a fortune unfortunately fail. Only the gurus seem to be making millions whilst most of us face disappointment after disappointment, but it doesn't have to be this way at all.

Now you have access to the most fairest system ever devised. Get large exposure to your sites and compete with the big boys.

Learn from a man who does nothing, who is an ordinary guy like you and I and is not a guru and who will give you the blue prints to success.

You learn about his own techniques and how he actually demolishes his competition. No huge advertising budget because it is actually free, but the large exposure that will ensure you make a six and seven figure income without any difficulty what-so-ever.

His Blue prints were supposed to be priced at $997, but at present it’s next to NOTHING! So go over to the website now before your competitors use this method on you.

Make money in 15 minutes!?


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