Monday, October 8, 2007

Autopilot Money Making Campaign

What the Report is About

This exclusive free report reveals how it was possible to make $3500 plus from someone else's product in just 3 days.

It is a must have if you want to learn how to earn on the internet and it is totally free.

Why You Need it

It reveals the actual product used and the exact steps taken that made the difference between an average promotion and a $3500 + cash pumping campaign. Most importantly it advises about how a twist was put into the original product to ensure a continual stream of income for a long time to come.

You can duplicate the system

Autopilot Money Making Campaign

FREE Monthly Income

Nothing on the Internet is FREE

You have heard of free software, free e-books, but they are not entirely free. Free software is usually a demo - it is the carrot before the donkey. If you like the demo, you might buy the full version. The demo is usually limited. Likewise, e-books are full hype. You download them and when you start reading them, you sign up for program after program. Even if most people do nothing with them, benefit is obtained for those who do.

The fact is you never get those free laptops or ipods. You never make millions on those multi level marketing schemes and even those free screen savers come with extra special trojans and worms.

Something for FREE without a Catch

This is different and very radical. It's based on the fact that people like to hear the truth. It might sound corny, but this guy really means it. He is going try what has never been tried before.

Just sign up and you will earn free money every month - No Strings Attached.

You Never Have to Work!
Never Have to Pay a Single Penny
Never Have to Recruit Anyone
Your Email will not be given to anyone

The Basics - Two Heads are Better than One - Many Heads are Better than Two

This is about a new web based service that will be launched in a few months from now. It needs to be launched in front of as many people as possible. This is where you come in. If word goes out about this great service that people need, that is presently not filled, many people will be joining. You will earn a share of the company every month once it launches and if it is a hit as anticipated, you will earn more and more each month.

Where will the income from?

The income will come from services offered to paid members. You will be a free member starting up the company so you will get a share, but the actual services is not free and paid members who believe that the service is useful (which it will be, because it a service yet unfulfilled). As you will have a share of the company profits you will earn every month, but remember you do not have to market or sell this product or service ever.

How much can you earn?

The figures below are given as an example, but you must note that this is a service yet unfulfilled in the market is thus likely to be considerably big. So it is hoped that you will earn much more, for doing absolutely nothing ever.

When the new service launches, $1 per paying member will be allocated to be paid pre-launch subscribers (shareholders). Whatever amount is received will go to the pre-launch subscribers.
If this amount is $10,000, this is the amount that will be shared.

Some will earn more than others because pre-launch subscribers will be selected randomly every month to receive 5% of the total amount (if the total amount is $10,000, then they would each receive $500).

The remaining 50% (in this case, $5000) would be divided evenly among all the other pre-launch subscribers.

So, EVERYONE will receive some money every month, and 10 people chosen at random will receive a really nice bonus each month.

Limited Time Offer

This is a once in a life time offer which you will surely regret if you ignore it. The offer will close very soon and will not be available ever again. You do not need to make sales or to recruit. So it is an offer you should not miss. Most of all it is completely and absolutely FREE without any catches or strings. So if you do not join, you will really kick yourself.

FREE Monthly Income

Automate Your Online Earnings for FREE

Free Bonus Gift #1 ($529 Value)

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of Internet Marketing Products With Master Resell Rights...

Nothing to buy, you get $529 internet marketing package absolutely FREE with no strings attached at all.

This package includes Ebooks, Software, Scripts and Reports.

Have you wondered why it is so hard to earn on the internet?

Well for a starter there are too many things to do on a regular basis, which means that you soon run out of steam.

Although there are automated ways to do most things, the software that help you do them is often very expensive.

Another reason is that there is too much to learn. Everything seems to be changing on a rapid basis and it takes too much effort to learn everything.

However if you truly want to earn on the internet, then you need to learn as much as possible and you also need some tools. This is why over the last few days, I have been searching for things for free and I am glad that I have found a site that offers you a heck of a lot of free, which is useful.

Although it doesn't cover every topic, the software and scripts enables you to automate some of the time consuming tasks that you have to do on a regular basis and ebooks are reports teaches some of the most important tasks in a simple format.

These are FREE to you!

David Zohar (a well-known internet Marketer) has gathered with some of the best marketers in the world a $529 internet marketing products and packages and are giving them away for FREE.

There is Nothing to Buy with no strings attached at all.

What the package contains

My Article Submitter - Articles content is really hot right Now! The fastest way to post your articles to article directories without spending hours and hours of manual labour.

Instant Internet Marketing Articles - Everything you need to earn from Google Adsense. 'Instant Mega Package' of 50 Internet Marketing Articles with 37,110 Profit Pulling Words all with Complete Private Label Rights.

List Management Secrets! - 40 Snippets of Proven Knowledge that will keep your customers buying from you again and again.

Mailing List Gold -Discover how to profit from your mailing list in every proven way.

Instant Adsense Cash - The easy and PROVEN way to start making serious adsense commissions within 48 hours.

Niche Pay Per Click Empire - How to start your own Empire of Profitable Niche pay per click search engines that pay you every month like clockwork.

Making Money with Autoresponders - Step by Step Methods that teach you how to research your target market, create your product, build your opt-in-lists and automate your selling process.

15 of the biggest questions in Online Marketing Answered - the top 15 questions answered simply and bluntly.

Create your Own E-book - Have your e-book written for you without writing a single word yourself and still have your name as the author.

Adsense Money Machine - Generate residual adsense income month after month.

Website Traffic Tips - Discover how to funnel floods of traffic to your websites.

Private Label Rights Riches - Learn the secrets of 'Private Label Rights' products to explode your profits.

Joint Venture Secrets - Discover how you can launch your products to millions with the power of joint venture.

Instant Site Creator - A powerful yet simple program that will just amaze you. One of the most scalable products ever developed. Create profit pulling sales copies that will lead your customers to directly to your order link without spending a single penny on copy rights.

Mailing List Manager - Robust and feature packed, easy to use software application that installs in your website that delivers instant information to your customers, prospects and visitors.

Product Launch Strategies - Step by Step methods used to launch your own products in front of an audience ready to buy.

CB Top - Free Clickbank portal with free hosting, free ad tracking account, free url rotator, free manager and automatically follow your customers with their ezine in a box system.

Internet Master Market Plan - Written by Martin Franzen, the internet marketing expert who charges $1000 per hour for personal consulting, that teaches some of the most powerful marketing techniques ever devised.

Free Software Package

Free Private Label Package - software, e-books, articles all with private label rights

Master Resale Rights

The full package is worth $529 and even though you get it entirely for FREE, you have the master resale rights so that you can sell them individually or together with or without resale rights and keep 100% of the sales yourself.

Too Good an Offer to Miss!

I didn't miss my opportunity and quickly downloaded everything before the opportunity disappears. I am happy to say that I have separated and have added some of them to a few of my websites. Thank You David Zohar and friends. I paid for some of your older master resale rights offers that benefited me in my early days and am delighted to have these for FREE particular because I had tested and benefited before.

To Download Now - Automate Your Online Earnings for FREE


The reports given are believed to be true and are described as accurately as possible, omitting any attempts of exaggerations or fabrications whatsoever. Whilst they may be appear on odd occasions, an occurrence of such exaggerations or misrepresentation is purely accidental. Further, although the offers made may make some people successful it does not necessarily mean that they will work for everyone. Whilst some offers are free, most require a commitment and effort. Therefore you are strongly advised to find out more information before entering into a commitment.